Articulated arms

The strengths of Fisso holding systems become extremely advantageous when you must position objects frequently and precisely. Due to the wide choice of models and tailored accessories, Fisso products are successfully used worldwide in the most diverse areas such as, for example, measurement technology, mechanical engineering, optics and photography.

Fisso systems are made of high-quality steel and light alloy and are characterised by a purely mechanical central tightening unit. Their solid quality guarantees a long-lasting and maintenance-free service life.

Run-out tester and balancing units complement Fisso holding systems in an ideal fashion.

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3D Articulated arms

pdf Fisso Product Catalog (4.7 Mb)


Optics, photography and video
Optics, photography
and video

Universal applications
Universal applications

Testing / balancing

Run out tester
Run out tester

Balancing unit

pdf Fisso Run out tester & Balancing unit (196 Kb)

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