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Fisso articulated arms are used successfully worldwide as a reliable and durable product for medical and industrial applications.

Fisso articulated arms are precision positioning devices used to provide a stable and adjustable support for various types of tools, instruments, and equipment. These arms are designed and manufactured by Baitella AG for almost 60 years.

Fisso articulated arms are widely used in medical applications such as surgical navigation, encodoscopy, arm positioners and also for industrial applications in dimesional metrology or machine vision. The articulated arms and clamps are designed and certified for holding and positioning tools such as cameras, endoscopes, microscopes, dial indicators, lasers, retractors, sensors and other precision instruments. They are known for their durability, reliability and ease of use and can be configured to meet specific customer requirements.

Medical OEM Applications


Standard and customized OEM solutions for the medical sector

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Industrial Applications


Standard and customized OEM solutions for the industrial sector

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FISSO Articulated Arm

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