Optoelectronic – Machine Vision and Automation

Opto-electronics (or optronics) is the study and application of electronic devices and systems. Machine vision is a technology that enables computer systems to receive and interpret visual information from the physical world. It is used to automate inspection, measurement, and guidance processes in various industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, and entertainment.

In industrial settings, machine vision and automation are often integrated to create intelligent systems that can perform complex tasks. For example, in manufacturing, machine vision systems are used to inspect products for defects, while automated robotic systems are used to sort, package, and transport the products.

Overall, machine vision and automation technologies are crucial in industrial fields, as they can help businesses reduce costs, improve product quality, and enhance safety and efficiency in their operations.

FISSO Machine Vision Portolio

FISSO articulated arms in the machine vision and automation

When projecting a vision camera, LED-light, laser or sensor signal on to a specific surface, you may need a flexible holding arm that allows an easy and quick positioning of such optical devices.

The 3D articulated arms and mounts from Fisso allow an individual and accurate positioning of machine vision cameras, fibre optic light guides, laser and sensors for an optimal visualisation or measurement. Different arms, bases and holders are available in our catalogue. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you don’t find the right solution for you.


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