Company History

Since its foundation over 60 years ago, Baitella AG has travelled an exciting path of which we can be proud!

Our history is a guide and an incentive for us to look ahead and continue to develop, so that we will continue to be successful in the future.

How everything started ...

Carlo Baitella (1915-2006), a passionate tinkerer and Inventor, successfully developed various new products in his free time at home in the basement.


Carlo Baitella became self-employed as a contract manufacturer in the field of precision mechanics and founded the Company.

In his workshop in Zurich Oerlikon he was looking for a better solution to increase productivity when measuring precision parts – the idea for the first 2-arm linkage with 3 joints and central clamping unit was born.

This invention was revolutionary, since with one rotation at the central knob all three joints could be tightened and released at the same time. This principle formed the basis of all subsequent developments.

Due to the stable fixation, the brand name was determined: FISSO = Italian for solid, rigid, immovable


Development of the first articulated arms for holding a dial gauge


First patent applications for the articulated arm


The articulated arm concept from the industrial sector was expanded with medical products.

In close cooperation with the University Hospital Zurich, the first holding systems for applications in surgery, intensive care and anesthesiology were created.


The range was constantly being expanded so that the appropriate solution could be offered for almost every fastening problem.


Relocation to larger premises at the current location


First ventilation tube holder for Swiss hospitals


First endoscope holders for Swiss hospitals


The certification according to ISO 9001 / EN 46001 (today ISO 13485), which was successful at the first attempt, took place in November.


New marketing appearance with Logo and claim «Simply the best fixation.»


Again in close cooperation with hospitals, the Fisso arm supports were developed and have since become an indispensable part of everyday surgical life.


Renewed capacity expansion with state-of-the-art production facilities and enlarged office/assembly areas.


The quick-change system for surgical applications is successfully launched on the market as an extension to the product range.

FISSO quick mount devices arranged in a collage on a plain background.


We are happy about our new web appearance. The site has been completely revised and redesigned.
Of course everything is Swiss Made!


We have moved to a brand new modern office in the same building.


You are welcome to visit us!


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