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Whether as OEM articulated arms, FISSO mounts or customized solutions – there are no limits to the FISSO products in the medical field. Our range of OEM medical products serves multiple functions in hospitals and other clinical environments where precision and accuracy are paramount. Caregivers across numerous disciplines depend on our medical arms, clamps and medical holders when they need stability, security and ease of use. The unique design and exceptional construction enable these to serve as critical pieces of equipment in a variety of applications.

For example, our articulated arms are used frequently as medical instrument holders in surgery because they will hold instruments securely in place without risk of being jostled or succumbing to gravity. This means surgeons can concentrate on their work without worrying about keeping an eye on their tools. Anesthesiologists also use our medical holders to keep gas lines out of the way and prevent them from being loosened or pulled out during treatment. They can be implemented as part of a patient positioning system, holding patients’ arms in an elevated position to help them be more comfortable during a procedure or examination.

The FISSO Difference

We have become known as one of the leading medical device component manufacturers thanks in large part to the innovative engineering behind our products. With the turn of a single knob, the entire armature can be locked in place or released for repositioning. This means users don’t need to worry about adjusting multiple knobs or constantly going back to readjust. Also, the instrument or device can be positioned with an extremely high degree of accuracy and remain where it should be for the duration.

In addition to our lineup of ready-made solutions, we also have the capability to create a customized solution for our customers’ needs no matter what they might be. For all these reasons and more, we have been an essential partner for health care providers around the world, helping them fulfill their missions to provide the best levels of care to the people they treat.

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