FISSO Pressure Transducer Plate Holder

In patient monitoring, reliability and fast operability of the products used are indispensable prerequisites. This monitoring system holder is easy to position and securely fixed with a handle. The FISSO pressure receptor plate holding system has been developed in close collaboration with hospitals. The purely mechanical central clamping unit enables simple and secure holding of the pressure receptors.

These monitoring systems holders are used to hold plates for pressure transducers securely while monitoring a patient’s blood pressure. The use of secure and easily adjustable medical monitor mounts such as these is common in hospitals and other healthcare environments. Because they hold instrumentation in place with little risk of jostling, FISSO medical transducer holders ensure accurate readings and prevent lines and tubes from being pulled out by accident. They allow caregivers to perform their work without worrying about bumping into the transducers. These monitoring systems holders also can be loosened or secured with the turning of a single knob, making it much easier to position them in the precise spot they need to be without a lot of effort.

Like all our products, these are made to the highest standards of engineering and quality. Their unique, innovative design ensures they meet the needs of healthcare providers who depend on the accuracy and stability of their equipment. These provide stable, safe and maintenance-free performance throughout their life spans. With more than 40 years of experience under our belts, no one knows as much about these products as we do. We’re also capable of customizing a solution to meet the precise requirements of our customers no matter what they may be. It is for these reasons and many more than we have secured the leadership position in the industry.