The FISSO-Articulated Arm is successfully used as a quality product for medical and industrial applications worldwide. It is considered the original and is Swiss Made. Whenever precision and stability are mission-critical, companies around the world turn to the FISSO brand. They depend on our articulated arms for instrument holding, component stabilization and other important functions to ensure items are held in place without risk of wobbling or being budged out of alignment. We have been the name industries trust for more than 50 years because our clamping systems can be counted on to allow for easy movement when desired and hold firm when they need to.

Why Is FISSO Unique?

At the core of these innovative mechanical clamping devices is the breakthrough design developed by our founder. It featured the first two-arm linkage with three joints and a central clamping unit. With a single rotation of the central knob, all three joints could be released or tightened at the same time.

This meant that whatever was being held by the arm could be positioned in place and secured with an exceptionally high degree of accuracy and ease of use. Upon tightening the joints, the configuration that resulted could remain extremely stable and prevent misalignment due to jostling or the effects of gravity. All the flexible mounting arms we offer today are based on this revolutionary idea.

Why Choose FISSO?

We’re recognized as the worldwide leaders for articulated arms with adjustable clamps for use in medical and industrial applications. Our articulating arm tool holders and other solutions are Swiss-made, featuring high-quality steel and light alloys. This means you can count on them to provide long life spans and virtually maintenance-free operation no matter how you use them.

In addition to our stock products, we offer expertise and capabilities for customizing a system to meet your precise needs, whatever special requirements you may have. To learn more about our complete lineup of products and how they can help you, get in touch with our experts today.

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Articulated arms and accessories specially engineered for medical applications


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Articulated arms and accessories specially engineered for industrial applications



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