Art.# 6656.02

Arm Support Vertical

Viscoelastic pad, articulated arm 560 mm, radial setting clamp Fisso

Carrying capacity 6 kg

Consisting of:

  • Anatomically shaped, viscoelastic pad (Art.# 5.416)
  • Articulated arm 560 mm (Art.# 2.275)
  • Radial setting clamp Fisso (Art.# 5.750)


  • Without fastening straps


FISSO Vertical Arm Support: Optimal Medical Use

Enhance Medical Precision

FISSO’s Vertical Arm Support (Art.# 6656.02) revolutionizes medical procedures. This device provides unparalleled stability for medical instruments. Consequently, healthcare professionals achieve greater precision and efficiency.

Robust and Reliable

Constructed with high-quality materials, FISSO’s support ensures durability. The arm withstands rigorous daily use without compromising performance. Moreover, its robust design guarantees long-term reliability in demanding medical environments.

Easy Adjustability

FISSO’s Vertical Arm Support offers easy adjustability. Medical staff can quickly position instruments at the optimal angle. This feature enhances convenience and reduces procedure time. Ultimately, it contributes to improved patient outcomes.

Enhanced Safety Features

Safety remains paramount with FISSO. The support includes secure locking mechanisms to prevent accidental movement. Additionally, its stable base ensures that instruments remain steady during critical procedures. Therefore, it minimizes the risk of errors.

Versatile Applications

The arm support adapts to various medical fields. Whether in surgery, diagnostics, or research, it proves indispensable. Its versatile design makes it suitable for a wide range of applications. Consequently, healthcare providers benefit from its multifunctionality.

User-Friendly Design

FISSO prioritizes user experience. The Vertical Arm Support boasts a user-friendly design, allowing intuitive operation. Healthcare professionals can effortlessly integrate it into their routine. This ease of use enhances workflow efficiency.

Ergonomic Benefits

Ergonomics play a crucial role in medical settings. FISSO’s arm support reduces strain on medical staff. By facilitating optimal instrument positioning, it promotes better posture. This ergonomic advantage contributes to staff well-being.

Reliable Partner in Healthcare

FISSO stands as a trusted partner in the medical industry. Their commitment to quality and innovation is evident in every product. The Vertical Arm Support exemplifies their dedication to advancing medical technology.


In summary, FISSO’s Vertical Arm Support (Art.# 6656.02) sets a new standard in medical equipment. Its stability, adjustability, and safety features enhance medical procedures. Trust FISSO to deliver reliable and innovative solutions for healthcare professionals.

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