Art.# 3640.53

Pressure Transducer Plate Holder

Clamp, articulated arm 400 mm, column, base

Consisting of:

  • Clamp (Art.# 5.406)
  • Articulated arm 400 mm (Art.# 7.340)
  • Column 50 mm (Art.# 5.480)
  • Rails clamp Fisso (Art.# 5.260-02)


Find out more about our Reliable Medical Device Mounting Solution

FISSO’s Pressure Transducer Plate Holder, Art.# 3640.53, ensures reliable performance during critical medical procedures.

Secure Mounting for Accuracy

This medical device mounting solution securely mounts pressure transducer plates, ensuring stable and accurate monitoring.

Designed for User-Friendly Operation

Engineered for simplicity, FISSO’s holder facilitates easy installation and adjustment in clinical settings.

Versatile Compatibility with Medical Equipment

Compatible with various pressure transducer plates, it adapts seamlessly to different medical setups.

Durable Build for Long-Term Use

Constructed from durable materials, the holder withstands frequent use in medical environments.

Enhanced Efficiency in Workflow

Streamline procedures with FISSO’s efficient design, minimizing setup time and operational complexities.

Commitment to Innovation and Quality

FISSO remains dedicated to innovation, continually enhancing product reliability to meet medical professionals’ needs.

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