Art.# 5.731-N-VE

Quick Release Instrument Holder (QR)

Combined instrument holder, quick release adapter (QR)
Steam sterilizable up to 134° C


  • For the secure fixation of instruments Ø 4-18 mm / opening 0-18 mm
  • Compatible with quick release system (QR)


Explore FISSO Quick Release Instrument Holder Art.# 5.731-N-VE

Discover the efficiency and reliability of FISSO’s Quick Release Instrument Holder.

Effortless Instrument Exchange

Swap instruments swiftly and precisely for seamless workflow optimization.

Secure Instrument Grip

Ensure instruments are firmly held in place during critical procedures.

Durable and Reliable Build

Crafted from robust materials to endure frequent use in various environments.

User-Friendly Design

Simple operation with intuitive features for quick adjustments and positioning.

Enhance Operational Efficiency

Improve productivity with a dependable quick-release system for instruments.

Conclusion: Streamline Your Workflow

Elevate your operational efficiency with FISSO’s Quick Release Instrument Holder. Experience seamless instrument exchange and secure handling for enhanced performance.

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