Art.# 3590.30

Respiratory Circuit Holder Light

Twin tube holder, column, base

Consisting of:
  • Polyamide tube holders (Art.# 5.428-02)
  • Swinging head (Art.# 5.421-02)
  • 900mm articulated arm (Art.# 3.910)
  • Column (Art.# 5.462)
  • Versatile base (Art.# 5.261-02)


Improve Medical Procedures

Fisso’s Respiratory Circuit Holder Light (Art.# 3590.30) optimizes medical procedures by providing stable support for respiratory circuits. This stability enhances precision and efficiency in medical environments.

High-Quality Construction

Fisso constructs the holder with premium materials to ensure durability and long-term use. It withstands rigorous daily demands without compromising performance.

Easy Adjustment

The Respiratory Circuit Holder Light offers quick and easy adjustments, allowing medical staff to position respiratory circuits at optimal angles. This feature enhances convenience and reduces setup time.

Advanced Safety Features

Fisso prioritizes safety with secure locking mechanisms that prevent accidental displacements. The stable base keeps circuits steady, minimizing error risks.

Versatile Applications

The holder adapts to various medical scenarios, proving indispensable in surgeries, diagnostics, and patient care. Its versatile design suits a wide range of applications, benefiting healthcare providers.

User-Friendly Design

Fisso designs the Respiratory Circuit Holder Light with ease of use in mind. The intuitive design allows seamless integration into medical routines, improving workflow efficiency.

Ergonomic Benefits

The holder promotes better ergonomics in medical settings by reducing strain on medical staff through optimal circuit positioning. This ergonomic benefit supports staff well-being and productivity.

Trusted Medical Partner

Fisso stands as a reliable partner in healthcare, exemplifying commitment to quality and innovation in every product. The Respiratory Circuit Holder Light reflects their dedication to advancing medical technology.


In summary, Fisso’s Respiratory Circuit Holder Light (Art.# 3590.30) sets a new standard in medical support with its stability, adjustability, and safety features. Trust Fisso for reliable and innovative medical solutions.

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