Art.# S-20.50

Strato Line 3D Articulated Gauging Arm

Fine adjustment, articulated arm 200 mm, without magnet

Consisting of:

  • Fine adjustment Ø 8 mm (Art.# 5.320)
  • Articulated arm 200 mm (Art.# 4.100)


Explore FISSO Strato Line 3D Magnetic Indicator Stand

Precision in Measurement

FISSO’s Strato Line Magnetic Indicator Stand ensures precise measurements with advanced 3D articulation. It offers unparalleled accuracy for various industrial applications.

Robust and Versatile Design

Crafted from durable materials, this gauging arm withstands rigorous use in diverse industrial environments. It adapts effortlessly to different measurement tasks.

Ease of Operation

Operating the Strato Line Gauging Arm is straightforward. Its intuitive controls enable users to perform measurements efficiently and accurately.

Enhanced Flexibility

The 3D articulation allows the gauging arm to reach complex measurement points with ease. It provides flexibility for intricate inspection tasks.

Safety Features

Built-in safety mechanisms ensure secure handling during operation. These features protect both the equipment and the user, minimizing risks in industrial settings.

Integration with Digital Systems

Compatible with digital measurement systems, the gauging arm seamlessly integrates data capture and analysis for enhanced productivity and accuracy.

Reliability in Industrial Environments

FISSO’s gauging arm is a trusted tool in industrial settings, known for its reliability and precision. It meets the highest standards of measurement quality.


In summary, the FISSO Strato Line 3D Articulated Magnetic Indicator Stand (Art.# S-20.50) is indispensable for precise industrial measurements. Its robust design, ease of operation, and safety features make it an ideal choice for professionals seeking accuracy and efficiency in their work. Trust FISSO for innovative solutions that elevate industrial measurement capabilities.

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