Art.# S-20.00

Photography Set with Carrying Case

The Fisso articulated arms can be positioned easily and precisely. All three joints are fixed with the central tightening knob.

Fisso, the well-proven original ensures high reliability, functional design, and is Swiss Made. Fisso systems are made of high-quality steel and light alloy. This solid quality guarantees a long-lasting and maintenance-free service life. Individual Fisso holding systems can be assembled from single parts. Examples of use: To hold objects, light sources,
monitors and cameras.

Consisting of:

  • Quick clamp with plastic jaws (Art.# 5.310)
  • Extension 200 mm (Art.# 5.440)
  • Articulated arm 200 mm (Art.# 4.120)
  • Adapter M6/3/8″Ww (Art.# 93.766)
  • Toping thread for 3/8″ Ww/1/4″Ww (Art.# 93.587)
  • Open-end wrench size 7 (Art.# 92.800)
  • Steel base Ø 100 mm (Art.# 5.041)
  • Clamping base (Art.# 5.202)


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