Art.# 3840.41

Instrument Holder

Combined instrument holder, articulated arm 400 mm, L-column
Steam sterilizable up to 134° C

Consisting of:

  • Combined instrument holder Ø 4-18 mm / opening 0-18 mm (Art.# 5.422)
  • Articulated arm 400 mm (Art.# 2.760)
  • L-column Ø 16 x 450 x 100 mm (Art.# 5.495-05)


  • Scope of supply without clamp


Explore FISSO Instrument Holder for Medical Use

Discover the FISSO Instrument Holder designed for high-precision use in medical environments.

Precision Instrument Management

FISSO’s holder ensures precise positioning and easy access to medical instruments during procedures.

Durable and Reliable Design

Built with durable materials, it withstands rigorous sterilization processes and ensures long-term reliability.

Streamlined Workflow Integration

The ergonomic design facilitates efficient instrument handling, enhancing workflow in medical practices.

Trusted in Medical Environments

FISSO is globally recognized for delivering high-quality solutions in medical instrument management.

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Conclusion: Optimize Medical Procedures

FISSO Instrument Holder for Medical Use enhances precision and efficiency, ideal for optimizing medical procedures.

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