Art.# 4.350

Articulated arm for outdoors and corrosive atmosphere

Ideal for positioning objects in outdoors applications and in corrosive atmospheres.

Very low magnetic property

Made of stainless steel

Action Radius: 350 mm


Explore FISSO Stainless Steel Articulated Arm for Outdoor Use

Discover the durability and reliability of FISSO’s Stainless Steel Articulated Arm designed for outdoor applications.

Rugged Stainless Steel Construction

Built with robust stainless steel to withstand outdoor elements and ensure longevity.

Weather-Resistant and Corrosion-Free

Resists weather conditions and corrosion, ideal for outdoor environments with varying climates.

Flexible and Precise Positioning

Achieve precise positioning and flexibility for outdoor tasks and installations.

Secure and Stable Mounting

Provides secure mounting for equipment and fixtures, ensuring stability in outdoor settings.

Conclusion: Enhance Your Outdoor Installations

Upgrade your outdoor setups with FISSO’s Stainless Steel Articulated Arm. Experience reliability and durability in any weather condition.

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