Art.# 6.400 / 6.401 / 6.402

Run Out Tester

Base plate lenght 500 mm / without base plate / Base plate lenght 1000 mm

The run out tester is available with roller wheels (120 mm, accuracy <0.005 mm) or V-shaped prism supports
made of hard metal (adjustable laterally). The two supports can be moved on the base plate and fixed with one
handle in the desired position. One support can be adjusted in height up to 30 mm to compensate for different
diameters of the workpieces.

Technical data:

  • Carbide support in the prism
  • Diameter compensation max. 60 mm
  • Workpiece Ø max. 240 mm
  • Workpiece weight max. 25 kg
  • Grove stone width 14 mm

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