Art.# 5.406

Plate holder

Indicated to hold a plate or a sheet up to 4 mm thickness

  • Dimensions:  75 x 40 mm,   Max. Opening: 4 mm,  Thread: M8   (Art.# 5.406)

Material: Plastic


Discover FISSO Plate Holder Art.# 5.406 for Industrial Applications

Explore the functionality and robustness of FISSO’s Plate Holder Art.# 5.406 designed for industrial use.

Secure Plate Mounting

Achieve stable mounting of plates with precision and reliability in industrial environments.

Versatile Adjustment Options

Easily adjust plates for optimal positioning and workflow efficiency.

Durable Construction

Built from high-quality materials for durability and long-term performance.

Seamless Integration

Integrate smoothly into existing industrial setups for enhanced productivity.

Conclusion: Enhance Industrial Efficiency

Optimize your industrial processes with FISSO Plate Holder Art.# 5.406. Ensure secure and efficient plate mounting for improved workflow

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