Art.# C-03

Strato Case M (without content)

Case C3: 340 x 275 x 83 mm

Suitable for M-28.20, M-28.40, AP28.20, AP28.40


Explore Strato Case M C3: Your Ultimate Secure Storage Solution

Discover the Strato Case M C3, crafted by FISSO to provide unparalleled security and reliability.

Robust Security Features

Includes advanced locking mechanisms for safeguarding valuable equipment and tools.

Durable Construction

Built with high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting durability and protection.

Spacious Interior

Offers ample storage capacity to organize and secure various items effectively.

Convenient Access

Designed for easy accessibility while maintaining optimal security measures.

Portable Design

Compact and lightweight, ideal for easy transport and versatile placement.

Customizable Configuration

Adaptable interior layout options to meet specific storage needs and preferences.

Learn More About Strato Case M C3

Visit our dedicated page to explore the features and specifications of the Strato Case M C3 by FISSO.

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